Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to play Clash Of Clans on Windows

Welcome Clashers, Its good news. Now you can play Clash of Clans on your Windows PC.

This is done using a Software called Android Emulator. There are a lot of Android Emulators out there. The one I am going to use is a simple and free one. Our emulator is BlueStacks.

You can download BlueStacks for free by clicking the button below. 

Download and install BlueStacks.

Open BlueStacks and you can find an Android Operating System with a few Apps ready for download. 

Here is demo of playing Clash Of Clans on BlueStacks.

If you plan to install a lot of Android Apps, I recommend you to install Play Store app First. You will be asked to install Play Store app when you try to download any app from the list.

I strongly recommend you to create a new Gmail account to sync the data. Never make the mistake of not Linking your Clash of Clans to your Google account if you don't want to loose all your progress on a Format or Reset.

Now its time for us to Install Clash Of Clans on our Android.

There are two ways;

1. Search and Install the App from the main screen.


2. You can use the Play Store App downloader which is my favourite.

Click the button above to go to the APK Downloader Page.

This is Link to the Clash Of Clans download page. Copy it and paste it in the box in the APK Downloader page.

Google stores Android Apps as ".apk" files in Play Store. By downloading this .apk files, we can install any Android App offline.

I can provide you with .apk file, but in order to use the latest version of the app, you have to download it.
There is a daily limit for the number of apps that can be downloaded using this website. They have a Google Chrome extension to download apps if they ran out of quota (Which is 1400/day). But you have to provide your Gmail id and password for this to work. So I strongly recommend you to create a new Gmail account to use with BlueStacks.
After installing BlueStacks, all .apk files will be automatically associated to Bluestacks. 

You can see the BlueStacks Logo on all .apk files. Right Click the .apk file and click "Open with BlueStacks APK Installer".

And Voila'...

Clash Of Clans will be installed and you only have to click the Clash Of Clans Logo from the BlueStacks Home Screen.

If you have any doubts, post it in the comments section. I will be happy to help.

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