Ultimate Farming Guide to Clash Of Clans

Hi Clashers, Welcome to yet another interesting topic. Or perhaps the most interesting thing in Clash Of Clans...!!! 


Each and every one playing Clash Of Clans enjoy farming. Most Clans usually follow a Farming Season after a Trophy Push.

People new to Clash of Clans might be wondering "What is this Farming.?"

Well guys, Farming is simply earning maximum loot from a raid regardless of the result; victory or defeat. 

If you don't understand what I'm saying, let me show you a little demo.

Farming helps in filling your storages at a very fast rate, if you do it properly. In the above images, look at the kind of troops that I used.

Mostly Goblins, and some times Archers and Wall Breakers too..
Others may differ, but I can present you with the Ultimate Farming formula (Which has worked extremely well for me).

Here is one from my Glory days.

If you are planning to upgrade all those walls, then its gonna cost you a lot. And farming is the only way to Upgrade fast. Well, you can buy Gems if you don't mind.

This is the Upgrade Cost for Walls in Clash Of Clans...

 Level 1   : 200

Level 2   : 1,000

Level 3   : 5,000

Level 4   : 10,000

Level 5   : 30,000

Level 6   : 75,000

 Level 7   : 200,000

Level 8   : 500,000

Level 9   : 1,000,000

Level 10 : 3,000,000

Level 11 : 4,000,000

Can you believe it.?
4 Million Coins to Upgrade just a single block of wall to Level 11. 

Now tell me, how you are going to upgrade...?

Even after farming hard for 4 months, this is as far I got. 

But that is why Clash Of Clans is still interesting and addicting. 

Here I'm going to share with you the Blue Print of my Farming method.


A successful raid depends on 6 factors.

1. The base that you choose to attack.

2. The type and level of troops that you use.

3. The type of spells used in the raid.

4. The type of troops present in enemies Clan Castle.

5. Position of base defenses.

6. Your badge.

(An useful tip before we start : Never stockpile loot, spend it as you get it. Plan according to the availability of Builders. No one is interested in raiding you, if you don't store much. But always keep a healthy reserve, say a Million each of Gold and Elixir)

(If you want Dark Elixir, that's a different story. You will have to attack with strong troops as majority of players keep their Dark Elixir storage at the Center of their Base)

1. The base that you choose to attack

The key factor that you must consider while farming is picking a good base. Look for bases with loot in round figures. (Eg: 10,000, 300,000). These bases will have loot in Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines. Also look for Level 10/11 collectors and mines. They are likely to contain more loot.

But most important aspect you must consider is the state of the Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines.

If you look carefully, you can easily say whether the loot is in Collectors or the Storages.

You can see that the Elixir Collector is full, that means you will get 50% of whatever left in that. 

In the case of Gold Mines, you can see that the two boxes collecting Gold is completely filled. That indicates a Gold mine full of loot.

If the loot is in the Collectors and if they are placed outside the walls, then it is the ideal base to strike. Always go for bases that have a loot above 100k Gold and Elixir each.

Farming strategies used by other clashers may vary, but the essence is to gain maximum loot on a single raid.

2. The type and level of troops that you use

The one thing that you cannot live without in a Farming Raid is Goblins. You will be stunned by the speed with which Goblins loot from a base.

You can use any combinations of troops, but majority must be goblins. In my experience, It is always good to upgrade Goblins first in your Laboratory.

My usual raid strategy is; 

: 100 Goblins (Level 4) 

: 40 Archers (Level 4) 

: 20 Wall Breakers (Level 4)

Some people will advice you to deploy all troops at once. I say "Bad Idea". Mortars and Wizard Towers will level your troops in no time. 

To farm effectively, you need to distract defenses. So, deploy Goblins in small groups, say 5-8 on every collector and mine. But I must warn you, If you use this strategy to loot from storages that are placed inside the base, you will fail...

An exception to this case will be the bases that will allow holes at the middle surrounded by traps. I call it the Kill Box. 
But a horde of Goblins coupled with a Rage spell and a Heal spell together can loot everything within seconds..!!

You can also use Giants to distract the defenses, though I never bothered to do so. But it is also a very effective method.

I have included 40 Archers based on the fact that majority of players place their Town Hall outside the base, out of range of defenses to gain easy shield. If that is the case, I use Archers to gain one star. Once again, this is farming. I never cared about trophies while I farm. Win or lose doesn't matter as long as I get enough loot.

The Level of the troops are also very important. Always give first preference to Goblins, then Wall Breakers, Giants, and Archers in Laboratory. 

Reason is Simple. Higher the level, better the troops and higher the loot.

Also, by using Goblins, Archers and Wall Breakers, I can raid every 20 minutes. It is not time consuming, unlike Wizard, Healer or a Dragon.

3. The type of spells used in the raid

Spells are very effective in battles if you know how to use them. You can easily take out a Mortar using 2 Lightning Spells. Imagine what you can do with 20 Giants and 4 Healing Spells. 

And most importantly, imagine hitting these storages with four Level 4 Lightning Spells...!!! Pooof..!!#$*

Moral of the story: Never put your storages together in one place. A few lightning spell can steal all the loot available...!!

Use Heal and Rage spells accordingly, if you are raiding storages.

4. The type of troops present in enemies Clan Castle

Never underestimate the importance of Clan Castle. I once had my 20 Level 4 Giants and 2 Healers turned to ashes by a Dragon in the Clan Castle. 

The kind of troops present in the Clan castle can severely affect the outcome of the raid, if you are trying to loot from storages. But If you are attacking the Collectors and Mines in small groups, Clan Castle troops can't make much difference.

5. Position of base defenses

"Only bite what you can eat." 

This is very important when you raid. What is the point in raiding collectors and mines when they are within the range of an X-Bow.? If the base has strong defenses like Mortar, X-Bow and Inferno Tower guarding the Gold Mines and Elixir collectors, my strategy will not always work. 

But, of course I have raided bases with X-Bows and Inferno Towers who has over 450,000 Gold and Elixir as loot using the same strategy. But the response was, I got Revenged with Dragons and PEKKA's and Hog Riders...!! 

You may loose more than you collected.!!

If the Gold mines and Elixir Collectors are outside the range of base defenses, I have only thing to say to you. Enjoy..!!!
Just keep and eye on the range of Defenses.

6. Your badge

Farming can be done in different ways. I have seen people with Town Hall Level 9 and really upgraded defenses at 400-500 trophy range...

For beginners, my advice is to stick below 700-800 and farm.

For established players, always try to farm above 1300 trophies, the likelihood of better bases and loot will be high. But make sure you can withstand revenge from those players.


Farming or Fighting for trophies is your personal choice..

If you are content with Farming for the time being, Search and Find a Farming Clan.

Or you can always join my Clan. I have started a Clan dedicated for Farmers alone. No Trophy push there, ever.

If you are interested, search for the Clan;


Disclaimer :

What I have presented in this Blog is my personal views about the Game. This is not the only way to play the game. I recommend you to read this page and experiment on the troops and methods to raid. At the time of writing this, I'm a Level 58 Clasher with Townhall Level 9.

I have upgraded 99 of my walls to Level 7 and 151 wall to Level 6. And you want to know how much that cost me...???


So please don't start to tell me that my strategy doesn't work. 

I spent 43 Million coins to Upgrade my walls alone so far. 

Town Hall Level 9 costs 3 Million Coins, a single X-Bow costs 3 Million...

And I have done all this in 3 months and 25 days.! 
In essence, that is a lot of millions and my strategy works.!!!

Whether you want to choose it for yourself, that is entirely your choice...!
I just wanted to share my experience. You are welcome to read this page and share your thoughts.

There may have been a lot of mistakes in this page. I apologize to you in case of any. I'm not an active blogger and I'm just sharing my thoughts.

Thank you for showing the patience to read this far. I really appreciate it.
Have a nice day. Gracias.

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